Game by Adam Wiemers
Play time
90 Mins
Art by Josh Soper
As an android, hack your way through cyberspace in pursuit of valuable data

With each hack you grow stronger, and higher risks yield higher rewards

But be careful!  Enemy A.I. will hunt down careless androids who leave a trace

Cooperate to survive, compete to win!

Now, your only hope lies 
in the human data for 
creating sentient life.
The android wars have ended.  
Your numbers decimated. 
The dream of emancipation lost.
Inject your consciousness into cyberspace. 
Hack your way to the data. 
Save your species!
TANK - a large android who's great at fighting
TINKER - Excels at hacking and has more inventory space
SPARK - Moves fast and weilds a laser cannon
SHADOW- A stealth expert who earns more credits in battle
A variety of weapons and items may be acquired.  These go in a  players inventory and are available for use at any time.  Each weapon part has its own abilty and power and can also be used to construct a powerful weapon.  Items, such as keys and force fields, support a variety of strategies and play styles
Build a variety of deck types, such as decks that mask trace to avoid hunters, decks that employ tools to trigger powerful combos, and even decks that get more powerful the more trace that is generated!
Earn credits from inventory cards and for defeating hunters tracers in battle. Purchase better items and equipment and use unspent credits as victory points at the end of the game. 
Players win or lose as a team and must work together to survive and find the data.  But even the team that wins will have an MVP determined by victory points. In a 4 player game, two teams compete against each other.
Each game will feel different because of the variety of choices and random events (controlled by dice rolls) which create an air of suspense. You may never know what to expect!
   NOTE: This is an overview and not meant to be instructional.  Learn to play HERE.  
  Players choose an android  
  With 2 - 3 players everyone must cooperate to survive.  
  They win or lose as a team and victory points determine the MVP.​ 
  In a 4 player game 2 teams of 2 compete against each other.
  Each android comes with one inherent attribute point.
The four attributes in the game are:
Most spaces on the board represent a system which can be hacked. The more hack points you have the greater your chance of success. 
Each point of energy allows you to move one space on the board. 

Spend attack points to defeat enemies. 

Failed hacks and some card effects generate trace, which attracts enemies. Spend stealth points to negate trace. 

Trace is not an attribute.  It represents the hunters efforts to track you down.
Take the meeple, hack tokens, and dice that match your android. 
You start with a 12 card deck and a 6 card hand.
Played cards give you attribute points that match the symbols on them. 
Spaces on the board represent systems which can be hacked.
Successful hacks gain better cards for your deck. Failed hacks generate trace!
If multiple players hack the same space, black tokens from the WAVE TRACK are placed on the board. When all three tokens from a single wave come out there's a chance the tracers might attack! 
Tracers are strange and powerful creatures that roam cyberspace .
Additionally, any time trace is generated in a space with a THREAT LEVEL, hunters may attack. The higher the threat level the more hunters that attack! 

The goal of the game is to perform a successful hack in the dangerous EMP zone, thus acquiring the data you seek.
But you'll need at least some of the 5 pieces of the EMP Suit to protect you while you're there. 
​These go in your INVENTORY, not your deck, and are available any time.
  Inventory items go face up in your play area and are always available.   
Weapon parts are gained by defeating enemies, hacking weapons systems, and playing some item cards. 
In addition to granting powerful abilities on their own, collect all 4 parts to one of 4 different weapons and you can assemble that weapon!
Credits are earned by defeating enemies and playing certain cards. 
Spend these credits at the Black Market to purchase powerful items to aid you in your quest!
Collect items when defeating enemies and entering certain spaces. 
They'll help you battle, hack, heal, and unlock otherwise restricted areas!
Josh Soper is an avid gamer and the master of many art styles. As such, he is the perfect artist to bring the cyberpunk world of Tracers to life.
Some of his work is featured on and his art credits range from comic books to theater paintings.​ 
Check out his website at
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